April 3rd Spring Election

The 2018 Spring Election will be held at the Primrose Town Hall, 8468 County Road A, Verona on April 3rd from 7:00 am until 8:00pm.

We have just enough ballot inspectors now, but could use an alternate.  If you are interested, please contact the Clerk at clerk@townofprimrose.com.

A Public Test of the Election Equipment will take place at the Town Hall on March 27th between 10 and 11 am.

Type E Absentee Notice:  2018 Spring Election Type E

Sample Ballots:  2018SpringElection BellevilleSAMPLE

2018SpringElectionMt Horeb SAMPLE

2018SpringElectionNew Glarus SAMPLE

Dane County Referendum:  TypeC-StateRef

ELECTION RESULTS:  Spring Election results