August Board of Supervisors Meeting

The Primrose Board of Supervisors August meeting will take place at 8468 County Road A, Verona Wi, on Monday, August 6th, 2018 at 8:00pm. The agenda for this meeting is posted below, at the Town Hall, Mount Vernon Auto, and at Primrose Lutheran Church.  A summary of the agenda is available on the voice recording at 608-832-6660.

PLEASE NOTE:  Notifications sent out regarding Deer Creek Sports and Conservation Club incorrectly stated that the item would be heard on August 6th.  It should have read that it will be heard by the Planning Commission on August 20th, and by the Board on September 10th.

Agenda: 2018-08-06 TBM Agenda

Unapproved Minutes:  2018-08-06 TBM Minutes

Approved Minutes: 2018-08-06 TBM Minutes