Meetings and Agendas

The Town Board meets the first Monday of every month at 8:00 pm. The Planning Commission meets the third Monday of every month at 7:30 pm. Any adjustments for holidays will be noted on the calendar.

Meeting minutes and agendas from the current year’s meetings are located below as well as being listed in the individual events on the calendar. Minutes and agendas from prior years are under the archives tab on the right. Documents are moved to the archives tab annually.

The minutes become public record once they are typed even though they are not approved. If they are typed the day after the meeting, they are public record, if they aren’t type until a couple of days before next meeting that’s when they become public record. The secretary’s notes are not public record but once they are put into form to be presented to board/commission, they are public record. Tapes are public record immediately.





2018-11-19 PC Minutes

2018-11-19 PC AgendaRev1

2018-11-05 TBM Minutes

2018-11-05 TBM Agenda




2018-10-15 PC Minutes

2018-10-15 PC Agenda

2018-10-01 TB Special Meeting Minutes

2018-10-01 TBM Minutes

2018-10-01 TB Special Meeting Agenda

2018-10-01 TBM Agenda




2018-09-17 PC Minutes

2018-09-17 PC Agenda Rev1

2018-09-10 TBM Minutes

2018-09-10 TBM Agenda Rev. 1




2018-08-20 PC Minutes-Rev1

2018-08-20 PC Agenda

2018-08-06 TBM Minutes

2018-08-06 TBM Agenda



2018-07-16 PC Minutes

2018-07-16 PC Agenda.rev1

2018-07-02 TBM MInutes

2018-07-02 TBM Agenda


2018-06-18 PC Minutes

2018-06-18 PC Agenda-2

2018-06-12 BOR Minutes

2018-06-05 Board of Review Minutes

2018-06-04 TBM MinutesV2

2018-06-04 TBM Agenda


2018-05-21 PC Minutes

2018-05-21 PC Agenda

2018-05-07 TBM Minutes

2018-05-07 TBM Agenda



2018-04 ANNUAL MTG-Agenda

2018-04-16 PC Minutes

2018-04-16 PC Agenda

2018-04-02 TBM Minutes

2018-04-02TBM Agenda




2018-03-19 PC Minutes

2018-03-19PC Agenda

2018-03-06 Special Meeting Minutes

2018-03-06 Special Meeting Agenda

2018-03-05 TBM Minutes

2018-03-05 TBM Agenda





2018-02-19 PC Minutes

2018-02-19PC Agenda

2018-02-05 TBM Minutes

2018-02-05TBM Agenda





2017 Q4 Budget Vs Actual

2018-01-08 TBM_PC Minutes

2018-01-08 TBM:PC Agenda