November 6th, 2018 Fall General Election


At the election to be held on November 6th, 2018, in the Town of Primrose, the following polling place location will be used:

8468 County Road A

Verona, Wisconsin 53593


If you have any questions concerning your polling place, contact the municipal clerk.

Ruth Hansen, Clerk

608-308-4440 ext 1 or

Office hours by appointment.

Sample Ballot for Belleville and Mount Horeb School Districts: 2018-11 General Sample Ballot

Sample Ballot for New Glarus School District: 2018-11 New Glarus Sample Ballot

Absentee Voting:  You may vote an absentee ballot in the Clerk’s office between September 24th and November 2nd by appointment.  You will need to provide an acceptable photo ID and fill out a request for absentee ballot. Requests should be made to the Clerk as shown above.

Type E Notice regarding Absentee Voting: Type E ABSENTEE BALLOT Notice-General Election 2018




September Planning Commission Meeting

The Town of Primrose Planning Commission Meeting for September will take place at 8468 County Road A, Verona Wi, on Monday, September 17th, 2018 at 7:30pm. The agenda for this meeting is posted below, at the Town Hall, Mount Vernon Auto, and Primrose Church.  A summary of the agenda is on the voice recording at 832-6660.

Agenda: 2018-09-17 PC Agenda

Revised Agenda: 2018-09-17 PC Agenda Rev1

Minutes: 2018-09-17 PC Minutes

September Board of Supervisors Meeting

The Primrose Board of Supervisors September meeting will take place at 8468 County Road A, Verona Wi, on Monday, September 10th, 2018 at 8:00pm. The agenda for this meeting is posted below, at the Town Hall, Mount Vernon Auto, and at Primrose Church.  A summary of the agenda is available on the voice recording at 608-832-6660.

Agenda: 2018-09-10 TBM Agenda

Revised Agenda: 2018-09-10 TBM Agenda Rev. 1

Unapproved minutes: 2018-09-10 TBM Minutes


Storm Damage in Primrose

August 30th Update:

Residential Damage:  If you had even an inch of water in your basement, or any residential property damage due to the recent flooding, Dane County wants you to dial 2-1-1 and report it!  In order to get FEMA to come to this area they need an actual accounting of the costs of clean-up.

August 23rd Update:

Well Testing;  If you think your well was contaminated by flooding, there are well testing kits available.  Please call or email the Clerk to sign up for a test kit.  Ruth will be going out to pick kits up when they become available on Friday August 24th.  You will need to test your water just before the kit is returned (likely on Monday August 27th).  The fee for the testing will be the responsibility of the property owner at this point.  More information on that will be posted here.

Roadway damage:  Primrose has some infrastructure damage.  Banks and shoulders have been eroded, and some culverts undermined.  Again, DO NOT drive across areas that look damaged.  Report new problems that you see.  The Patrolman is working to stabilize the existing areas, but more work will need to be done.

More Rain predicted!  Dane County Emergency predicts the possibility of up to 5″ of rain over the next week.  This will cause additional erosion to damaged roadways.  Please do not drive over any pavement surfaces that look sunken, cracked, or eroded.

August 21-22:

Dane County has declared a State of Emergency from the recent storm.

Dane County Emergency Management asks that any residents that have storm damage, flooding, or any unresolved property or safety issues from the storm  call United Way 211.  This includes flooded basements, damage to homes, private wells and septic systems.

Please report property damage (including agricultural) that is not covered by your insurance to the Clerk.  These amounts will be tallied along with road and bridge damages and sent to the County, then State, to apply for FEMA aid.

Yes this will be a long process, but worth doing.

If you have damaged items that need removal please contact the Town Clerk.

The Clerk and Patrolman will be touring the Town roads today and reporting infrastructure damage to Dane County.  DO NOT CROSS barriers, cones, or flooded roadways!  Sections of damaged roadways are marked as we are able to, but beware of areas that road shoulders have been washed away.

Please report any damage or flooded areas to the Clerk at 608-318-4440 ext 1.

Drone Pilots:  The State is flying over the area to assess damages today.  Please keep your drones on the ground.

Livestock:  Please report any livestock that is loose due to storm damage to the Clerk.

If you are in doubt, call!