Property Tax Collection After January 31, 2017

The local treasurer can no longer collect real estate property taxes for the town.  All payments must be made to Dane County Treasurer.

Dane County Treasurer
PO Box 1299
Madison, WI 53701-1299

If you have questions, feel free to contact Dane County or by phone at 608-266-4151.


Disagree with your assessment?

If you disagree with the assessed value of your property, plan to attend Open Book on May 16, 2017 from 5 pm – 7 pm at the Primrose Town Hall.  Open Book is a time for discussion with the assessor about your property and it’s value.  If you still disagree with the assessment after Open Book, you can appeal at Board of Review on June 13, 2017 from  5 pm – 7 pm at the Primrose Town Hall.


Other information regarding assessments and appealing them is below.

2017 Guide for Property Owners

2017 Property Assessment Appeal Guide for WI Real Property Owners

2017 Agricultural Assessment Guide for WI Property Owners