Multi-Town Meeting

The Town of Primrose will host a multi-Town meeting with Board members from the towns of Perry, Montrose, and Oregon to discuss recent proposals by Dane County Towns Association, and Dane County Chapter 10 Ordinance Amendment #67.

The meeting will be held at the Primrose Town Hall, 8468 County Road A, Verona at 8pm on Tuesday, February 28th, 2017.

Feb 18th Site Visit

The Town of Primrose Planning Commission will hold a site view at parcel 0507-254-9200-0 on Saturday, February 18th at 9am.  The meeting will begin at 458 State Highway 92, and will look at a proposed driveway location and review a proposed homesite previously approved by the Board.

Mailbox Damage

There has been some vandalism to mailboxes in Primrose.  If you see anything suspicious or if you see someone damaging mailboxes please report it to the Dane County Sheriff’s office right away.