Building Regulations

Town of Primrose Pricing

Site View – planning commission and/or board     $250.00

Driveway permit      $250.00

Driveway Bond – refundable upon completion and approval of driveway     $1,000

Field Road Permit     $75.00

Building Checklist

Primrose Application Guide for land divisions, zoning changes, site plan approvals, building permits & driveway construction permits:

Town of Primrose Application Guide (by section):

Town of Primrose Application Guide Cover

Table of Contents

1 Introduction

2 Flow Chart

3 Land Division Checklist

4 Zoning Changes

5 Siting Criteria

6 Driveway Application Checklist

6.1 Driveway Permit

7.1 Building Permit Checklist

7.2 Board Approval for Building Permit

New Homes:

  1. Copy of driveway permit
  2. Copy of sanitary permit
  3. Copy of Dane County zoning permit
  4. Plot plan – including erosion control plan
  5. Two complete sets of plans to scale
  6. List of contractors with addresses and phone numbers (master plumbers license number required)
  7. Heat loss calculations (form can be obtained from inspector)
  8. Fill out complete permit form
  9. Pay all fees due

Additions and Garages:

  1. Copy of Dane County zoning permit (may require septic tank inspection)
  2. Two complete sets of plans to scale
  3. Plot plan showing locations of proposed structure relative to property lines
  4. List of contractors with addresses and phone numbers
  5. Fill out complete permit form

Interior Remodeling:

  1. Required information will vary depending on project. Please call inspector to discuss information needed.

Sheds and Decks:

  1. Plot plan showing locations of proposed structure relative to property lines
  2. One complete set of plans to scale

NOTE: Separate permits are required for any additional work involving electrical, plumbing and/or heating of the above-mentioned project.

Plumbing work may only be done by a master plumber or an owner of a single family home occupying such structure as his/her primary residence, per state plumbing codes.

Electrical work requires a permit for all new service entrances. Minor repairs do not require a permit.

Agricultural buildings Please contact town clerk for information regarding procedures for obtaining the required permits and approvals.

Building Inspector Fee Schedule

New One & Two Family Dwellings & Commercial Structures

$0.25 per square foot. Includes all floors, basement, garage and any porch/deck area. Fee includes Plan Review, Structural ($0.08), Electrical ($0.06) Plumbing ($0.06), HVAC ($0.05). Commercial fee is the first 10,000 square feet; fees are half after that.

Additions & Remodeling                                    

Same fees as new structures with a minimum fee of $50.00 per each trade. Plus $50.00 for issuing of the permit.

Temporary Electric Service                                


State Seal                                                              

$36.00 or Town fee

Early Start Permit                                               

$60.00 Residential – $240 Commercial

Erosion Control                                                   

$100.00 Residential – $200 Commercial 

Add $50.00 for issuing the permits below

Storage Building

Detached Garages

Swimming Pools


Electrical Service Upgrades/Changes

Inspections & Changes                                        

For all changes after inspection of that trade & red tag re-inspection will result in additional fee to be paid before re-inspection will be done.