Town Information


cropped-TownHall.jpgPrimrose Town Hall is located at

8468 County Highway A, Verona, WI 53593

Phone & Fax: (608) 318-4440

Garage: (608) 832-4856

Public Service Announcement: (608) 832-6660

Population: Approximately 738  (data taken from

Town Government Officials


Dale Judd  – (608) 832-6213
8931 County Road G, Mt. Horeb, WI 53572

Supervisor I
Martha Gibson  – (608) 832-4497
8844 County Road G, Mt. Horeb, WI 53572

Supervisor II
Alex Elkins  – (608) 527-2443
204 County Road U, Belleville, WI 53508

Ruth Hansen – (608) 318-4440 ext 1
706 Bowers Road, Belleville, WI 53508

Clerk has no set office hours at the town hall. To arrange an appointment please email:

Kristy Gorman – (608) 318-4440 ext 2
8274 Austin Road, Verona, WI 53593

Treasurer has no set office hours at the town hall. To arrange an appointment please email:

Planning Commission Members

Chair-Planning Commission
Dave Cordray
Term Expires: 2020

Steven Flach
Term Expires: 2017

Martha Gibson
Term Expires: 2017

Gretchen Hayward
Term Expires: 2019

Jerry Judd
Term Expires: 2019


Mike Sutter – Garage: (608) 832-4856 – leave message

Caretaker of the roads — snow removal, grading and other responsibilities

Building Inspector
Todd Parkos
(608) 924-1570
(608) 516-1251 Cell Phone

Accurate Assessor – (800) 770-3927

Garbage and Recycle Collection
Town & Country – (800) 626-1915

2017 Official Trash Calendar
2018 Trash and Recycle Calendar

Town & Country Pricelist for Large Items and Recycling

The Town of Primrose came into existence by an act of the State Legislature on March 21, 1849. Primrose consists of gently rolling, to rolling, light-colored unglaciated upland soils.  These include:
1- Shallow to moderately deep silty soils over limestone bedrock (Dubuque, Sogn).
2- Deep silty soil over limestone bedrock (Fayette).
3- Medium-textured soil on valley slopes of sandstone (Hixton, Gale)
4- Silty alluvian soils on stream bottoms (Huntsville, Arenzville and Ettrick).
Galena limestone occurs as a capping on the higher ridges. Numerous, clear, sweet-water springs flow from the base of ridges. The Sugar River flows in a southeastern direction, fed by the many springs.

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