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2015 Financial Report

2016 Approved Budget




2015 July – December Financial Statements

122115 Primrose Planning Commission Minutes

122115 Primrose Planning Commission Agenda

120715 Primrose Town Board Meeting Minutes

120715-Primrose Town Board Meeting Agenda

2015 Primrose Residents Tax List



111615 – Primrose Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

111615-Primrose Planning Commission Agenda

2015-16 Town of Primrose Resolution to Exceed the Levy Limits

110915- Town of Primrose Budget Hearing Minutes

2016 Approved Budget

110215 – Primrose Town Board Meeting Minutes

110215 – Primrose Town Board Meeting Agenda



101915- Primrose Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

101915- Primrose Planning Commission Agenda

100515-Primrose Town Board Meeting Minutes

100515-Primrose Town Board Meeting Agenda



092115- Primrose Planning Commission Minutes

092115-Primrose Planning Commission Agenda

091415 – Primrose Board Meeting Minutes

091415-Primrose Board Meeting Agenda



082615-Primrose Special Board Meeting Minutes

081715-Primrose Planning Commission Meeting Notice

080315-Primrose Board Meeting Minutes

080315-Primrose Board Meeting Agenda



072015-Primrose Planning Commission Minutes

072015-Primrose Planning Commission Agenda

072015-Primrose Planning Commission Meeting Notice

070615-Primrose Board Meeting Minutes

070615-Primrose Board Agenda



2015 January – June Financial Reports

062315-Primrose Planning Commission Site View Minutes

062315-Primrose Planning Commission Site View Notice

2015 Primrose Board of Review Minutes

2015 Primrose Board of Review Notice

061515-Primrose Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

061515-Primrose Planning Commission Agenda

061515-Primrose Planning Commission Meeting Notice

060115-Primrose Board Meeting Minutes

060115-Primrose Board Agenda



051815-Primrose Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

051815-Primrose Planning Commission Agenda

051815-Primrose Planning Commission Meeting Notice

051415-Primrose Open Book Meeting Notice

050415-Primrose Board Meeting Minutes

050415-Primrose Board Agenda



042515-Primrose Planning Commission Site Visits

042015-Primrose Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

042015-Primrose Planning Commission Agenda

April 2015 Primrose Annual Meeting Minutes

042115-Primrose Annual Meeting Notice and Agenda

041315-Primrose Board Meeting Minutes

041315-Primrose Board Meeting Agenda



031615-Primrose Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

031615-Primrose Planning Commission Agenda

031615-Primrose Planning Commission Notice

030215-Primrose Board Meeting Minutes

030215-Primrose Board Agenda

030215-Primrose Board Meeting Notice



021615-Primrose Planning Commission Cancellation Notice

020215-Primrose Board Meeting Minutes

020215-Primrose Board Agenda



012415-Primrose Caucus Minutes

012415-Primrose Caucus Agenda

012415-Primrose Special Board Meeting Notice

012315-Affeldt Site View

011915-Primrose Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

011915-Primrose Planning Commission Agenda

010515-Primrose Board Meeting Minutes

010515-Primrose Board Agenda

Annual Report

2015 Annual Report Cover

2015 Annual Report Yearly Trend Cash Flow Chart

2015 Annual Report Mill Rate Worksheet

2015 Annual Report Profit and Loss Budget vs Actual

2015 Annual Report Levy Schedule

2015 Annual Report Fee Schedule

2015 Annual Report Indebitness Schedule

2015 Annual Report Levy Comparison Charts

2015 Annual Report Approved Comprehensive Budget