Comprehensive Plan

Below is the Town of Primrose Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan:

Town of Primrose Comprehensive Plan Cover
  Comprehensive Plan-Chapter 1
  Comprehensive Plan-Chapter 2
  Comprehensive Plan-Chapter 3
  Comprehensive Plan-Chapter 4
  Comprehensive Plan-Chapter 5
  Comprehensive Plan-Chapter 6
  Comprehensive Plan-Chapter 7
  Comprehensive Plan-Chapter 8
  Comprehensive Plan-Chapter 9
  Comprehensive Plan-Acknowledgements

Primrose Map 1-1 Location
Primrose Map 1-2 Elevation
Primrose Map 3-1 Bicycle
Primrose Map 4-1 Building Site Potential
Primrose Map 4-2 Utilities
Primrose Map 4-3 EMS/Fire/Sheriff Districts
Primrose Map 4-4 School Districts
Primrose Map 5-1 Land Evaluation
Primrose Map 5-2 Water Resources
Primrose Map 5-3 Environmental Features
Primrose Map 5-4 Mineral Extraction
Primrose Map 6-1 Employment
Primrose Map 7-1 Surrounding Communities
Primrose Map 8-1 Land Use
Primrose Map 8-2 Zoning
Primrose Map 8-3 Planned Land UsePrimrose
Map 8-4 1981 Farms

Reports, minutes, written comments of the comprehensive plan are located in the archives tab on the right.