2013 Archives

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121613-Primrose Planning Commission Minutes

121613-Primrose Planning Commission Meeting Agenda

121613-Primrose Planning Commission Agenda Notice

120913-Primrose Town Board Meeting Minutes

120913-Primrose Town Board Meeting Agenda

120913-Primrose Town Board Meeting Notice

120413-Primrose Budget Hearing Minutes

120413-Primrose Budget Hearing Notice




111813-Primrose Planning Commission Agenda

111813-Primrose Planning Commission Agenda

110413-Primrose Town Board Meeting Minutes

110413-Primrose Town Board Meeting Agenda




102913-Primrose Budget Workshop Minutes

102913-Primrose Budget Workshop Notice

102513-Deppler-Sponem Site Visit Notice

102113-Primrose Planning Commission Minutes

102113-Primrose Planning Commission Agenda

100713-Primrose Board Meeting Minutes

100713-Primrose Town Board Meeting Agenda




091613-Primrose Planning Commission Minutes

091813-Primrose Planning Commission Agenda

090913-Primrose Town Board Meeting Minutes

090413-Primrose Board of Review Minutes

090413-Primrose Board of Review Notice




081313-Conditional Use Permit Special Meeting Notice

080513-Primrose Town Board Meeting Minutes

080513-Primrose Town Board Meeting Agenda

080513-Primrose Public Hearing Agenda

080513-Primrose Town Public Hearing Notice

080513-Primrose Planning Commission Minutes




072513-Primrose Open Book Notice

072013-DeRouin Site Visit Minutes

2013-07-20 Site Visit Fredrick Property

071513-Primrose Planning Commission Meeting Cancellation

071313-DeRouin Site Visit Notice

070813-Primrose Town Board Meeting Minutes

070813-Primrose Town Board Meeting Agenda




061713-Primrose Planning Commission Minutes

061713-Primrose Planning Commission Agenda

060313-Primrose Town Board Meeting Minutes




052013-Primrose Planning Commission Minutes

052013-Primrose Planning Commission Agenda

051613-Sponem Site Visit Notice

050613-Primrose Town Board Meeting Minutes

050613-Primrose Town Board Meeting Agenda




041913-Primrose Road Inspection Notice

041613-Primrose Annual Meeting Minutes

041613-Primrose Annual Meeting Agenda

040913-Primrose Annual Meeting Minutes

040913-Primrose Annual Meeting Notice

040813-Primrose Town Board Meeting Minutes

040813-Primrose Town Board Meeting Agenda

040813-Primrose Town Board Meeting Notice

040813-Primrose Planning Commission Agenda




031813-Primrose Planning Commission Minutes

031813-Primrose Planning Commission Agenda

030413-Primrose Town Board Meeting Minutes

030413-Primrose Town Board Meeting Agenda




021813-Primrose Planning Commission Meeting Cancellation

020413-Primrose Board Meeting Minutes

020413-Primrose Town Board Meeting Agenda




012113-Primrose Planning Commission Minutes

012113-Primrose Planning Commission Agenda

011913-Primrose Caucus Minutes

011913-Primrose Caucus Notice

011915-Primrose Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

011915-Primrose Planning Commission Agenda

010913-Primrose Town Board Meeting Minutes

010913-Primrose Town Board Meeting Agenda